What Kind of Fool Am I?

Helen Wood’s one-woman show is a journey of self-discovery complete with a bit of psychology, personality quizzes and a sense of fun. Helen’s goofy but charming show gets quite a few chuckles as she leads us through her life with the help of several props and the occasional well-chosen soundtrack. From a stuffed Labrador to scrabble-board stamp art, and of course a very important door, this is good-natured foolery with a point: what kind of a fool is Helen, and how can she find out?

Light-hearted and engaging, this personal comedy may leave you thinking.

Whether Helen is telling us about how she cheated on eye tests in primary school or having a recurring nightmare about being interviewed for the role of herself, her delight in a bit of wordplay or a funny prop makes this show a zany take on the quest for personality. Helen is also a sucker for a good quote, even if problematic, which leads to her asking things like: “If those that can, do, and those that can’t, teach, then what do those that can’t teach do?”.

There’s even a chance to learn a bit more about ourselves, with the personality test free at the door, which is a nice touch. Light-hearted and engaging, this personal comedy may leave you thinking. 

Reviews by Fiona Mossman

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The Blurb

A funny, fast-paced comedy. Joyous and life-affirming. Helen shirks responsibility, makes bad choices and cheats her way through life. To find out why, she’s on a quest to understand her personality type. Insights come from Freud, Goethe and the Enneagram, as well as Labradors, Scrabble and a short spell in Essex. In this entertaining solo show you’ll laugh, be surprised and question your own place in the world. Free gift with every show: a guide to start your own personality type quest. 'An absorbing, charming and very funny piece’ (Funny Women).