What a Load of Skit

It's clear that the sketch trio made of Oli Gilford, Edd Cornforth and Jake Shoolheifer have good comic potential, and bounce nicely off each other. What a Load of Skit takes this potential and runs with it, but stumbles along the way with some sketches which aren't padded out with quite enough jokes to really stand out from the crowd.

Gilford's comic timing and looks to the audience are brilliant.

The show begins with a meta conceit of the trio discussing their lack of a backstage area, the flyer designs and each other's character traits. It's a nice idea which they return to again and again, and if not a little rote it reflects their chemistry as a group which is charming. The sketches themselves take a few weird turns, and if you're ready for a few contrived turns they provide gentle laughs. A problem with What a Load of Skit is that a few sketches do tend to run on a bit long, for example a fisherman sketch which places its main punch line halfway through the sketch and fails to garner a bigger laugh for its conclusion. It's a shame because set ups like shopping on Amazon or the idea of Shakespeare writing in a Starbucks are brilliant concepts, but need to be edited down for a punchier skit which would land better with the audience.

There are a few comic songs as well which work nicely, if not a little tame for musical comedy. Going to further extremes whilst playing a beautiful guitar riff would improve the parodies of love songs brilliantly, and is something which would really suit the trio's dynamic of charming but slightly off.

Gilford's comic timing and looks to the audience are brilliant, and he is the stand out performer of the show. When the trio alight on a really good conceit for a sketch they really shine, but a lot of their material runs the risk of turning into a stream of consciousness instead of a conversation meaning the overall sketch can feel a bit watered down. Once they've ironed this out, they could be a really entertaining sketch group.

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The Blurb

The creators of five-star 2014 show Sketchy at Best return with a hilarious new hour showcasing their unique brand of sketches and songs. ‘Superbly witty, wonderfully imaginative and expertly written’ ***** (Yuppee.com).