Whale Riding Weather
  • By Tim Earl
  • |
  • 6th May 2009
  • |
  • ★★★★

This company have come all the way from Canada with their production, and I’m glad they did. Lyle is a man in severe decline, drinking himself to death watched by his young lover, Auto, who cannot leave him. They’re confined by their mutual dependence in a claustrophobic space – literally and metaphorically, so when Auto brings home a new boyfriend, they are at the mercy of Lyle’s constant interruptions. However, this new element just might be the trigger they both need to realise how trapped they are. This is a powerful and intense piece, confident enough to use silence to emphasise the tension of the relationships. All the performances are good too, especially Lionel Walsh as the ageing queen. The other two actors were just a little slow to get into their stride, but this was the first night. In all, three very good performances which complement each other well.The claustrophobic theme was also well-served by this intimate venue, which they used very well. But with large parts of the play spent in just their underpants, there was nowhere for the actors to hide, so the performances had to be strong enough to carry the story, and they were. Lastly, if you do go, get in early. The action starts even before the action starts, so to speak, with Lyle’s drunken ravings on his chaise as the audience find their seats.

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This play is a humorous and empathetic exploration of the tangled relationship between three emotionally hungry and interdependent men: Lyle, an aging queen; Auto, his beautiful younger lover; and, Auto’s equally beautiful provocative young trick, Jude.