Welcome To The Mystic Hole: A presentation about being in your body and in other people's.
  • Adelaide Fringe

Inspiring, intriguing, tender and true. An exploration of one sex worker's lived experience with the world of the body. How do we navigate the world when we feel our body is failing us? What do we store in the body and what do we release? How do we clean it off the rug? What shame do we hold when trying to give a nice rim job while one's sweet hound watches? And why can't we all be adult about adult industries?Queenie is your curious guide on an exploration of embodiment, and will take you deep within the wondrous wonders of the unique vessels we travel in.Part comedy, part lecture, part consciousness-raising story-telling. Queenie is a political comedic writer, performance artist, pleasure-provider and fantasy maker. She is also not a mystic. But this hole might be.