Weill at Heart: Kurt Weill's Cabaret Songs
  • Edinburgh Fringe

Acclaimed cabaret singer Bremner Duthie and a swinging band led by pianist David Patrick celebrate the dark, decadent and always lovely music of Kurt Weill. Incredible delivery (PBS, Louisiana). Literally jaw-dropping! (View, CTV). An absolute MUST! (CBC, Winnipeg). A seamless blend of gripping entertainment and genuinely moving art ***** (EdfringeReview.com). A thrilling reworking of Weills material. It was seedy. It was stirring. It was utterly memorable (Andrew Clover, Sunday Times). It takes more than an expressive voice to communicate Weill " it takes love, fear, tragedy and charm. Bremner has it all (TheatreworldInternetMagazine.com).