Wedding Band: A Comedy by Charlie Baker

For most people, their wedding is the happiest day of their life. But for the band, it's just another gig. This new play by Charlie Baker - actor, comedian, and winner of 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief' - explores this disparity. It all unfolds like a predictable but entertaining sitcom episode. Baker plays cheeky chappy Jimmy, the front-man of the band, trying to keep the gig on track and impress a potential employer. He is thwarted at every turn by his louche keyboardist Craig, Sue the uptight wedding planner, and Krazy Ken the children's entertainer-turned-DJ, whose portrayal is the play's strongest comic turn. It's all diverting enough, although the dialogue often verges on stilted and much of the humour rests on characters misunderstanding one another or repeating themselves. The plot thickens with a case of heartbreak and mistaken identity but fails to really go anywhere. At one point, they break out into song, and Baker shows off his easy-listening vocal skills; it seems a shame that they didn't make more of the cast's musical talent, especially given the play's premise. Baker's easy charm and a decent comic cast keeps it on the rails, but the play fails to be hugely funny or engaging enough to be a real success.

The Blurb

For you the greatest day of your life. For them, another day at work. Charlie Baker (Let’s Dance, Dr Who) presents his debut play with Bafta nominee Spencer Jones, Sam Battersea, Lee Fenwick.