We Are All Going to Die

We are all Going to Die is a devised piece by Dead Person Productions. The story follows eight people that are stranded in an Arctic research base. They seem to be looking forward to either starving to death or catching hypothermia. The story also features a dead body, played by a living actor who repositions between scenes. Likely this was intended as a way to make it easier on the other actors, since it did not seem to serve any other artistic purpose. The characters discuss what to do with the dead body but quickly abandon that storyline to pursue several different plots that do not seem to connect.

The script features a lot of death, some heated debate about Monopoly and puns. A lot of puns.

All in all, I had a hard time understanding who the characters were, why they were even in the Arctic research base, but perhaps most importantly, where the story was going. Transitions between scenes felt like they were happening because someone had finished performing their given time on stage, and not because they actually had any reason to leave.

Actors delivered their lines, but seemed out of connection with each other, and thus couldn't manage to form believable relationships. It would be good for the actors to consider how their characters are changed by the situations they are exposed to during the piece, because, at the moment, they don't evolve over the course of the show.

Halfway through the performance the dead bodies start piling up. At that point, the remaining living characters seemed to find a reason to constantly be shuffling them around, although the convention of the bodies being able to move by themselves had already been established (slightly confusing but all right). The script features a lot of death, some heated debate about Monopoly and puns. A lot of puns.

The whole piece seems to lack the basic understanding of what makes interesting theatre, most of the scenes were stationary and there was a complete lack of dynamism between the actors. We are all Going to Die lacks emotional life. 

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The Blurb

A comedy about death in which everyone (spoiler) dies. Trapped in an Arctic research base with a dead body, eight people face their mortality, but at least they don't know Trump won. Featuring an a-hole, a panic attack in human form, a horny sex pest, two secret lovers, a depressed pessimist, an insufferable optimist and the funny one.