Wayward: a Surreal Musical Cabaret
  • Brighton Fringe

In this slightly surreal, politically-charged musical cabaret, seemingly wholesome Scottish lass Cat Loud is still on the prowl for her next big adventure. A chance encounter with a white rabbit after dark entices her into a secret speakeasy, the playground of subversive mythical figures with mischief in mind. One sip of Mothers Ruin and her life takes a turn for the wicked in this politically-charged quest for empowerment and community.Following the trail blazed by the likes of Camille OSullivan, Bette Midler and Lady Rizo, Cat Louds blend of storytelling and song is comic and heartfelt, entertaining and poignant. She puts her soulful and humorous stamp on an unlikely collection of contemporary and classic songs, straddling the genres of Blues, Folk, Jazz and Pop from her favourite wayward girls and other artists who capture the spirit of sexual rebellion and hard-won self-awareness and freedom.