Way Back

Way Back follows Carol, a member of the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Squad, as she goes to desperate and ridiculous measures to bring two men back from the verge of despair. A heartbroken boyfriend struggling in the wake of his girlfriend’s death and a washed up pop-star yearning for the paparazzi of the past. Despite their personal tragedies, each character’s tale of woe has a wealth of comedy to offer.

If life gets you down, a maraca and a bottle of cava are all you need to pick yourself back up.

The performances, in short, were brilliant. At once hilarious and touching, the actors portrayed their characters with wonderful comic timing. The play was made up of monologues intertwined with dialogue, a neat and clever way of including back stories for each character. This helped to create what became very real figures, who you could fully relate to in just an hours performance.

Wonderfully witty with a dash of dark and cynical humour, Way Back had the audience laughing from start to finish. But alongside the humour was a genuinely moving story with loveable characters with whom you connected instantly, making for a very strong, well put together piece of theatre. The only recognisable fault with the show was the set dressing - for a play set in such an iconic place, the graffitied walls of the venue didn’t lend themselves to the windswept coast of Sussex. But considering how difficult that setting would have been to emulate and the quality of every other aspect of the show, it was certainly a forgivable flaw.

The piece offers a humorous and hopeful perspective on a dark issue, and teaches one very important lesson. If life gets you down, a maraca and a bottle of cava are all you need to pick yourself back up.

Reviews by Lois Zoppi

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The Blurb

"Welcome to Beachy Head, East Sussex, the third most popular suicide spot in the world. Dreadful, isn't it? Only third.” From the top of Britain’s most notorious suicide spot, three characters come to terms with life, death and everything in between. A moving yet hilarious new comedy exploring depression, fame, and unlikely friendships. "Recommended show" (Fringe Review) ***** (ThreeWeeks)