Described as a ‘backwards love story’, Waitless is an interesting twist on the genre of romance. American couple Trent and Shelly move to London after Trent gets a promotion, but things don’t quite go to plan.

An unexpected and refreshing take on romance

Cleverly staged and engagingly written, the couple’s story is uniquely told by a pair of energetic and talented actors. Using not much more than a screen, a treadmill, a few suitcases and a couple of flags, the story takes us all around the world.

Jessica Moreno, who plays Shelly, uses eye contact masterfully to engage with each individual audience member. She is believable as the character and has a fantastic presence on the stage which is fun and exciting to watch. Though the audience was small when I saw the show, the intimacy only made the acting and the story more endearing and the audience-actor connection even stronger, particularly with Moreno, who spends most of the performance monologuing directly to the audience.

Equally masterful is Andrew Boyle who plays Trent and all the other characters in the show, from a pregnant housewife to a waiter. He switches seamlessly from character to character, using different voices which ensures that each has a clear persona and is as strong as the last. Boyle’s fast-paced and energetic acting is engaging to watch, helping to keep the pace up and the story comprehensible.

It is quite a unique show: in the beginning you are led to think it is going to be very different to how it actually turns out. The ending, without giving anything away, is an unexpected and refreshing take on romance, a genre that can be rather cheesy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you'll be left wondering what really constitutes a successful and happy relationship.

Reviews by Joshua Young

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The Blurb

Waitless humorously probes the strains and joys of expat life as Shelly loses her identity and purpose, only to rediscover them in a most unexpected way. Blissful newlyweds Shelly and Trent revel in their hectic NYC life until Trent’s transfer to London. Imagining Paris weekends, Shelly gives up her dream job. But expat life isn’t as BBC as Shelly anticipated. Trent’s work consumes him, and Shelly is left waiting for her husband, her work visa, and their new life. Abruptly, Shelly realises that she isn’t stuck on the treadmill of life: she’s waiting to get back on it.