This is a performance with no frills attached, it is truly a showcase of voices from around the world coming together to create beautiful music. Ranging from India to Puerto Rico, this eclectic bunch leave no continent unsung and seem to be having the time of their lives in the process. The show is a compilation of a cappella worldly wonders and the performers give so much soul to their singing it is easy to hear their passion. The performance moves seamlessly from number to number, rolling fluently and taking the audience on the musical trip of a lifetime. My only criticism is the lack of explanation and connection between songs. Some vague descriptions of the origins of the music are given but as there is a lack of narrative, some further information would be beneficial in order to get maximum understanding and satisfaction from the performance. However, it is impossible not to love the show. All of the performers who make up Voices are excellent but there is one in particular that will take your breath away. I wouldn’t say my knowledge of beatboxing is extraordinary but it appears from his track record, performing with the likes of Alicia Keys, you would have to be deaf not to appreciate the mind-boggling talent of this young beatboxer who steals the show. He makes it look so simple whilst creating enough noise to get an entire nightclub dancing. If there is one reason to see Voices, Shaun Roig is it. Anyone with an interest in world music will thoroughly enjoy Voices, there is something for everyone. Last night this talented group received a standing ovation and rightly so. This is a fusion of voices where sparks are flying and raw talent truly resonates.

The Blurb

A unique a cappella theatre experience that thrusts you into a non-stop energetic vocal journey with international tones to capture your imagination. Techniques include Indian, European, African, gospel and hip-hop's beat-boxing sounds. The result is non-traditional, intimate and explosive.