Viv Groskop: I Laughed, I Cried

Viv Groskop positively sparkles on stage. Completely enchanting, she spends her set discussing her brave decision to tackle stand-up comedy, and the subsequent high and lows involved with performing 100 shows in 100 nights.

Groskop will always remember the 28th August 2011. Not least because this was the first birthday of her third child, but also because it was when she decided to defy all expectations and commence the challenge of comedy. As Groskop explains her thinking behind this choice she is undeniably funny, lovable and inspirational. She moves with ease from amicable chatter with her audience to amusing readings from her book ‘I Laughed, I Cried’.

Her first reading depicts her exchange with stay-at-home-mum Rosemary, who can only be described as totally baffled by Groskop’s diverting career path. As she reads, Groskop relishes the words, making witty asides on the quality of her writing. Having made it clear that a career in comedy was far from favoured by her nearest and dearest (her husband suggests that having sex 100 times in 100 nights would be a better idea), Groskop moves on to readings that detail the reactions to her shows. She builds upon an already well-established convivial relationship with the audience, as she asks them to select random numbers below 100 to which she reads the comments from the corresponding show. This prevents the structures of the readings from becoming too rigid or formalised, and is an effective means of revealing the often poignant ups and downs of her journey. She relays the buzz of excitement when she is able to feed off the appreciative enjoyment of a crowd that gets her jokes, but also the damaging repercussions of throw-away sexist comments from men that demonstrate how hard it can be for a woman to succeed in this world. Thankfully though none of this is overtly self-congratulating or self-pitying.

Groskop sets just the right jovial and light-hearted tone for an evening that welcomes serious reflection upon comedy from the comedian’s. Groskop’s inspiring show is a must see, leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.


The Blurb

A confessional, intimate, life-affirming show: how one woman took on stand-up and (almost) ruined her life. ‘Viv is brilliant. But I still quite like Billy Connolly’ (Jo Brand). ‘Amazing’ (Lucy Porter).