Virginia Ironside: Growing Old Disgracefully

Virginia Ironside is witty and sparky as she discusses the triumphs, as opposed to the tribulations, of growing old. If you feel like you’re hitting your twilight years and are unsure what to think about that, this is a show for you. The energy in Ironside’s command over the stage is a testament to what she says- being old doesn’t have to mean you’re over the hill, or even if it does, going downhill is always the fun part!

The show encourages a strong sense of solidarity amongst the older audience it targets. Sure, a cruise might float your boat whilst also being your next-door neighbour’s worst nightmare but Ironside’s hilarious outlook on them encourages unanimous laughter. From gardening to dozing she pins down the comical delights in embracing all things elderly, and puts a new spin on ‘carpe diem’ as she shows that discussions of your ailments really can be the most enjoyable way to spend your time.

Amidst these comical quips on old age, Ironside infuses a quite beautiful message. Her honest opinion on death and her joyful views on grandparenting were enough to bring a tear to the eye. She may reminisce about the excitement of her sixties youth, but in so doing she shows that it by no means outshines her happy, experienced and comfortable present.

If you’re a fan of old age, you’ll love this and if you find yourself missing the vigour of your youth, Ironside shows that armed with one birdbook and one pillbox rattling with delicious drugs, the best is surely yet to come. A wonderfully funny and moving show.


The Blurb

In her talk Virginia explains why unlimited free drugs, fun funerals, grandchildren and sex, or even better no sex, make your sixties the best (and funniest) time of your life. Beautiful humour and perfect poise.