Violin Variations

In Violin Variations, Ian Peaston invites the audience to share his passion for experimenting with his electric violin and looping set-up. 

You’re bound to leave inspired to try out some new techniques.

Taking us from staples of the classical violin repertoire to a mashup of some classic 90s electronica in the space of minutes, the audience is shown all the processes the sounds from the violin goes through to create the different effects, illustrating how the violin is capable of so much more than a standard classical repertoire with a bit of imagination. There’s even a little bit of audience collaboration on a Daft Punk number in which Peaston explains how to use a device called an audio cube which leaves the audience member beaming from ear to ear.

It’s fascinating to watch this complex music being crafted by layering these simple samples over one another, and the creativity that has gone into preparing the show bursts from every number. The technical skill is not to be forgotten either – Peaston’s finely honed technique shines in the classical numbers and is so secure that intonation and rhythm are never compromised by having to simultaneously operate his looping setup. His versatility is also showcased by the sheer range of styles encompassed in this 50-minute show.

Violin Variations is a fascinating insight into the seemingly boundless possibilities of a violin and a laptop. A must-see show for aspiring or professional musicians alike, you’re bound to leave inspired to try out some new techniques.  

Reviews by Tuesday McPhail

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The Blurb

Live looping like you’ve never heard it before! With a violin, pedals, laptop and an interactive AudioCube, Scottish violinist Ian Peaston layers countless unexpected sounds into a one-man digital orchestra performing everything from Bach to film music, electronica and rock – all completely live!