Victoria Falconer: Oxymoron

As one half of the excellent EastEnd Cabaret and a founding member of the awesome Fringe Wives Club, Victoria Falconer is already considered an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist with excellent comic chops and an innate ability to steal a show so the only surprise is that it’s taken her this long to star in her own solo cabaret.

A fantastic, raw excitability on stage as she charges through her abbreviated life story

Oxymoron is Falconer’s attempt to use the power of musicals to create something that matches her life experience of how she doesn’t really fit into the pre-ascribed boxes with which society likes to label us. She’s a multi-racial, bisexual, farm-raised girl who works in cabaret and she wants to share her story with the world; the only way to do this is by writing a musical. Luckily, she has some talent in that department and a great deal of musical inspiration.

Falconer has a fantastic, raw excitability on stage as she charges through her abbreviated life story whilst regularly veering off-topic while her mind races to catch up with her mouth. It almost seems unplanned and chaotic but she’s such a delightful presence that the audience is happy to be along for the roller-coaster ride of her thought process. The mix of original songs and covers are beautifully performed on keys, accordion, violin and theremin with talented use of loop pedals to create some truly memorable musical moments.

With a very limited run, you’ve already missed the chance to see this Oxymoron in Adelaide but there’s no way that Falconer won’t be popping up at festivals in the future, so do keep an eye out for this gem of a show.

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The Blurb

Half-white, half-brown. Farm-raised, city-living. Femme-presenting, bisexually-orientated. This classically-trained cabaret show-off is stuck at the crossroads of identity politics. The lights aren't changing. She can't even drive.Armed with "sharp, acidic wit" (GlamAdelaide), a "fabulously expressive face" (Herald Sun) and a myriad of musical instruments, this modern show woman conjures an honest, hilarious hour about serious stuff. Like a TED talk. But with more tap dancing.From the co-creator of international sensations EastEnd Cabaret and 1/3rd of the award-winning feminist firebrands Fringe Wives Club, this is Victoria Falconer's debut solo show.