Velvet Donkey: The Music of Ivor Cutler
  • Edinburgh Fringe

Award-winning New York-based saxophonist and composer Ben Bryden brings the songs of eccentric poet/songwriter genius Ivor Cutler into the jazz canon, with his indie-rock-infused jazz quartet of sax, guitar, bass and drums. Ahead of a new recording due for release in 2016, the music is drawn from some of Ivor Cutler's weirdest and most fondly cherished songs from the albums Jammy Smears, Dandruff and Velvet Donkey. Played by a high-octane, New York-schooled, Europe based indie-jazz-rock quartet of Scotsman Ben Bryden (saxophone), Reinier Baas (guitar), Mark Schilders (drums) and Tom Berkmann (bass).