Urban Twist - Papercut Artwork

With the Fringe now in full flow here in Edinburgh, the Commonwealth Games just ended in Glasgow and the referendum set to decide Scotland’s future in September, you could well say that this is an important summer for Scotland. Urban Twist – Paper Cut Artwork, currently on display in Bonkers gift shop, is just the sort of art you might want to take home to commemorate such a summer. The intricate cut-paper pieces depict classic Scottish landmarks such as the Edinburgh skyline complete with Ferris wheel, the Walter Scott Monument, and the Edinburgh Castle, perched on its famous rugged outcrop.

This isn’t so much an exhibition, but more a sale of some original art in a gift shop.

Creative designer Cameron Pritchard makes the artwork itself from laser-cut paper. The elaborate designs are available in multiple finishes and colours, and hang suspended in box-like frames. This framing technique is clever, allowing light to cast aesthetically arresting shadows on the wall behind. And aesthetic is just what this art is. It’s something nice to put up in your living room, or to buy for a friend who couldn’t make it to the festival this year. There’s even the slightly bizarre option to get personalised family trees made from Pritchard’s signature intricately laser-cut paper.

Indeed, this isn’t so much an exhibition, but more a sale of some original art in a gift shop. The ‘exhibition’ is displayed amid greetings cards and bows for decorating gifts. If you’re looking to do something cultural, this isn’t what you’re after and you’d be much better off hitting one of the many galleries in Edinburgh that’s putting on an exhibition as part of the Art Festival. 

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The Blurb

Creative designer Cameron Pitcairn uses laser cutting techniques to create inspirational papercut art for homes and interiors. His intricate designs in colourful materials can be personalised and make perfect gifts for special occasions. Cameron’s signature product is a personalised family tree, an intricate design personalised with your family names, making a perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries. He has created a stunning collection of mini wall art featuring iconic landmarks from Edinburgh and the UK using colourful metallic, wood and matt finishes. The venue, Bonkers Original Gifts, sells fabulous gifts and artful Edinburgh souvenirs.