Ugly Duckling
  • Adelaide Fringe

Duckie is... an ugly duck! She's also adopted, a Z grade & suffers dysmorphic delusions of grandeur. Duckie is very discombobulated to learn that only cygnets, NOT ducks transform into beautiful swans. However Duckie won't allow mere genetics to stand in her way as she utilises surgery, social media, celebrity, Botox, feathers & fillers to fulfil her self-appointed birthright. Ugly Duckling is a pop cabaret told through song and spoken word that combines all your favourite pop tunes like Lorde & Julia Michaels with everything you loved about films like Easy A, Ten things I hate about you and Clueless. Ugly Duckling navigates the tricky terrain that every modern day femme faces. Duckie is Carrie Bradshaw on crack, with a little bit of KIMYE jumbled in for good measure. #naturellement