Two for None

Two for None comedians Mark Simmons and Danny Ward display, between them, vastly different comedy styles. Simmons is a cheeky, fresh-faced and charming one-liner pun machine whilst Ward is a cynical, craggy and dry observational comedian who enjoys pointing out the ineptitudes of his environment in long-winded speeches. They both present varied ability and Simmons is, by some margin, the superior out of the two.

Oddly, considering his choice of performance style, the one thing Ward is lacking is keen observation. He is a talented performer and his delivery is confident, calm and well-paced. He just needs to realise that there isn’t much comedy mileage in stating that Magic Mushrooms give you crazy trips or that £189 is a preposterous amount to pay for a single night in a Travelodge - these observations are obvious and lacking in intelligent input and are thus, redundant.

Simmons, on the other hand, has a keen understanding and grip on his chosen brand of comedy. His Tim-Vine-like quips and puns are from his young perspective of the world around him and each one is told with a boyish innocence which is hard to resist. He is like the annoying young nephew at a wedding who refuses to stop telling you rubbish knock-knock jokes - annoying, loveable and probably very funny when drunk.

Reviews by Andy Currums

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The Blurb

Up-and-coming circuit regulars Danny Ward and Mark Simmons present an hour of undiluted stand-up comedy. Come and see them for free before they've upped and comed.