Triple Entendre: Love, Life and Other Stuff

Triple Entendre is directed, created and designed by Emily Cairns and is a comic musical cabaret about “Love, Life and Other Stuff”, consisting of a collection of original songs and poems woven loosely together with just a touch of narrative.

The entertainment is certainly of the level one hopes to see when paying through the nose for West End productions

Emily Cairns has obviously slaved away endlessly to put together this string of hilarious songs and poems of various styles, including jazz, gospel and even a short-but-cutting glance at Japanese hip hop. This style of seriously engaging music with regularly short, sharp stabs of side-splitting jokes injected throughout is the essential layout of the piece. It possesses a self-aware charm with which it can play upon commonly used themes without falling into cliché.

Cairns herself is excellent with not only her singing – which is of high quality with the occasional touch of stunning skill demonstrated and a huge vocal range – but with her delivery and dry humour making several of the pieces simply hilarious.

Tamara Saffir is no less excellent, contributing with several dead pan or cheeky looks which have the audience cracking up. Her singing is of excellent quality and she is a very strong member of the trio ensemble.

Anne O’Riordan deserves a particular mention with her frequently stunning contributions to the singing – a truly wonderful performance is given with her excellent voice. She also nails the naïve innocent victim of the men in the stories with ease, whilst changing with ease to the flirtatious pursuer when required.

Although the singing doesn’t give the impression of confident west-end performers, it is certainly of extremely high quality and with a touch more fine tuning and practise would not be out of place in large capacity venues. The entertainment is certainly of the level one hopes to see when paying through the nose for West End productions.

All three actors are fabulous in this show, supported by perfectly timed lighting and sound design also by Cairns, executed by the technical crew from the box, no mean feat on the Fringe. There’s not a beat missed in this extremely well put together, perfectly-paced musical comedy rump. For a lovely, fun, hilarious evening, go see this show.

Reviews by Dixon Baskerville

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The Blurb

The Andrews Sisters meets Smack the Pony in this new musical comedy cabaret direct from its London run. Female trio Triple Entendre perform original songs and sketches in this genre defying show. A mix of big band, vaudeville, musical theatre and pop ballads (with a twist) featuring tongue-in-cheek humour, close harmony singing and outrageous fun! An entertaining night with a lot of laughs, and quite possibly the occasional tear. Comedy cabaret done differently.