Trevor Noah: The Racist

Trevor Noah was brought to the Fringe by Eddie Izzard, who wants to promote international acts at the Fringe. Noah certainly brings a fairly unique international aspect: he's a mixed race South African, born to a Swedish father and a black South African mother, making his conception a crime. Noah explains this very well and is able to make the complexities of Apartheid laws interesting, neither overcomplicating nor trivializing them.

The show could be split into two. Noah talks first about his childhood and difficulties he faced growing up mixed-race in Apartheid before moving on to his time in the USA, where he currently resides. This latter section covers the issue of how he self-identifies - is he white or black? According to some Americans he looks Mexican, so Noah wittily relates the ramifications of that mistake as well. His stories are great and are punctuated by the odd brilliant gag. His show did seem to come to a natural end after 40 minutes and I felt the last little while was just filling time. Audience members started twitching and losing concentration.

However, overall Noah is insightful and can hold the floor for the majority of his scheduled time speaking on a subject close to his heart.

The Blurb

Well, not really. South African comedian Trevor Noah is making his Edinburgh debut, presented by Eddie Izzard. Coming-of-age in post-apartheid South Africa, Noah shares his story with this exploration of race and place.