Transit is a beautiful piece of physical theatre performed by a strong ensemble cast from new Swiss-based theatre company, A Point.

Loosely-based on a true story this timeless tale follows Samantha Applebee, a young woman who seems to be suffering from agoraphobia and lives in her own claustrophobic, sheltered world; creating characters and retreating into her fantasy land of imagination rather than dealing with the big bad world. Samantha, after three terrible personal blows, finally leaves her safe haven to follow in her sister Diana’s footsteps.

The company seems to be made up of graduates from East 15, according to their website and this is their first show together. Their physical theatre training does them proud and the whole cast move seamlessly, propelling the story forward and creating train carriages, the Eiffel Tower and a small apartment all using only suitcases and their bodies. Use of sounds, language and an accordion help to set the various scenes and the audience is taken on a true journey. Particular mention for stand out performances should go to Joanna Keeble and John Andrew Cunningham. Keeble is a great mover with an expressive face and sharp comic timing; Cunningham is a watchable and entertaining physical performer with amazingly long legs!

To make this a perfect five-star show it needs some trims. It was just slightly too long and there were a couple of moments that I thought didn’t move the story on. Although I understand the importance of giving Samantha her own adventures, there’s some scope here for cutting; but this is really only a very small quibble.

A Point Theatre Company has set off on an original and adventurous journey and is definitely heading for the stars.

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The Blurb

TRANSIT is the modern tale of Samantha Applebee, an introverted Englishwoman who finds herself catapulted out of her comfort zone and into a peculiar adventure. Told through stunningly visual physical theatre, the performance is an exploration of the free will, human relationships and communication that transcends linguistic boundaries