Tracy is the brainchild of second-year Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama student, Sophie Morgan-Price. As well as writing this short but sweet three-hander, she plays the eponymous character, a tenacious middle-management Tesco employee. She loves her job - the power, the price drops, the potential for promotion. The character of Tracy herself is well-constructed and her monologues can arrive at unpredictable, even uncharted, areas. The audience doesn’t need to agree with Tracy’s musings, but they may begrudgingly admit that Tracy, though improbably, is far from implausible. Essentially a one-woman show, the commitment that Morgan-Price has put into achieving this realistically absurd character is very impressive and makes her a fascinating figure within her mundane and humdrum territory.

From the beginning sequence, Sophie Morgan-Price sets herself up as a talented actress with a great command of the audience’s attention and sympathy. The rest of the cast are very likable too. Supporting cast they may be (uncredited in the programme), Gina, her simple side-kick, and Tom, her mild-mannered nemesis and pseudo-paramour, both nevertheless present thoughtful performances from parts which could easily become shallow caricatures in less skilled hands.

There are some scenes of uncomfortable David Brent comedy, and perhaps some of the writing is indebted to Gervais - if only in the habit of taking its pauses as indulgently. I’ll admit I’ve never laughed at The Office, yet Tracy delivers a few moments of comedy that will crease you up laughing - as well as cringing. However, there are periods which are slow and little predictable. The structure of the play feels unfinished, but at the same time, the production seems to run out of steam two-thirds of the way through.

Tracy makes for a pleasant - if a bit uncomfortable - viewing experience, and with some moments of clever comedy and insightful writing, it’s an interesting production that will surprise and charm you.

Reviews by Maeve Scullion


The Blurb

Tracy, a Tesco’s employee, is after world domination in the form of a promotion. Her work colleagues, Tom and Gina, aid her in her life-long quest for perfection on the supermarket shop floor. It’s hard.