Tracey Tracey

With pronounced teeth and wide eyes, eponymous protagonist Tracey Tracey’s entrance onto the stage paved the way for a larger-than-life, one-woman show from character comedian, Nicola Cross.

comedy and tragedy come in equal measure and equal quality in this impressive performance

In spite of her bold physical presence, it was Tracey’s initial silence that powerfully created a bleakness beyond compare. Relying solely on controlled movements and reactions with inanimate objects, Tracey Tracey’s shyness and low self-esteem soon became apparent as she spends her birthday alone. The sympathy simultaneously created with this revelation is further heightened as Tracey starts singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to herself.

However, joy is suddenly afoot as Tracey’s party hat suddenly transports her and the audience to a fantasy world. As Tracey’s party soon becomes awash with guests, she catches the eye of Brian. The subsequent confidence created by this extreme change in situation results in Tracey’s hilariously uncontrollable dancing.

Then, it is Tracey’s first ever date night. Nervous about how to prepare and what to do whilst on the date, she looks to the audience for guidance. Having already masterfully endeared the crowd, Tracey’s breaking of the fourth wall goes down an absolute treat. The audience members’ advice is soon rewarded as they witness Tracey’s overtly sexual writhes with Brian.

Tracey’s happiness is abruptly undercut, however. Waking up hatless from her “sex-induced” slumber, cruel reality strikes once more as she finds herself alone. The protagonist’s sudden solitude makes her seek solace from the audience again. With emotional boosting in abundance, the comedic timing with which Tracey lets her false teeth fall out in shock could not have been better.

Hilarity continues right up to the performance’s end. As Tracey takes off her wig, glasses and false teeth, whilst making a hysterically funny, monstrous noise, this tender moment of revealing that beauty is truly skin deep is equally as farcical. It is the constant juxtapositions throughout Tracey Tracey that mirror the ups and downs of human life, whilst epitomising making a negative out of a positive. Comedy and tragedy come in equal measure and equal quality in this impressive performance from Nicola Cross.  

Reviews by Oliver Lugg

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The Blurb

Debut show from character comedian, Nicola Cross. Join lovable outsider Tracey as she spends her birthday party alone. Physical comedy that is “equally heartbreaking as it is funny” ***** (Ginger Wig). Nicola is a graduate of prestigious clown school Ecole Philippe Gaulier. She appeared in Sally Phillips' 'Smack the Pony' and 'Dances with Dogs'.