Tom-Tom Club
  • By Tim Earl
  • |
  • 31st May 2008
  • |
  • ★★★★

What a box of delights! Jaw-dropping acrobatics, superb DJ-ing, stunning beat-boxing, intricate drumming, and enthusiastic, up-tempo presentation and compering.

I wasn’t a huge fan of beat-boxing before seeing this show, but as with the acrobatics and drumming, the skill and dedication is so obvious you just have to admire it totally.

The acrobats are equally skilled in their arts, a mix of traditional tumbling and modern tricks and showmanship, and fans of physical stunts will love this part of the show.

Drummer Ben Walsh is a wizard on the tom-toms. Especially when the other members gather round holding multiple drums for him to use, or when the custom-made, multi-dimensional, 8-drum rig is brought on for his set-piece virtuoso performance. This is so intricate and well-performed, it will amaze you. As well as the musical skill, the intricate patterns and control necessary to drum in eight directions at once reminded me of skilled juggling.

This show is worth seeing for any one of its elements alone. But seeing them all together is a treat not to be missed.

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Udderbelly, 2-26 May. 19:00