Tom Price: Not As Nice As He Looks

Refreshing, innovative, fast-paced, interactive: just some of the words that come to mind to describe Tom Price's latest offering. The name, Not As Nice As He Looks is based on the idea that though Tom has a very approachable face, he is in fact a terrible human being: the show is thus made up of a handful of downright terrible things he has done throughout his life that began from his Welsh schoolboy days.

There was no tiring of his energy, or the expressiveness of his face, only an occasional dip in the strength of his material.

The subject gave the show a strong structure, but also great opportunities to unleash his comic wit. Whilst other standups may include a common thread, they often feel stretched in order to encompass their various narratives. Not so with Price's concept, and his narratives often struck the right balance between being a believable occurrence and a ridiculous situation. His genius was clear to all when he described a time that he found himself interpreting and relaying an argument between bus driver and passenger. A wonderfully-crafted moment that was frighteningly funny.

Price made use of the projector to provide 'photo evidence' of his stories which successfully added another element to the show. Though the bravest inclusion was the finale. Though it was interesting, it went on a little: awkwardness of audience members can only remain funny for so long. It could so easily have backfired on him, but perhaps that is the reason it was entertaining; Price seemed in control anyhow.

There was no tiring of his energy, or the expressiveness of his face, only an occasional dip in the strength of his material. But the variation, recurring jokes and innovative elements kept me on my toes throughout. Congratulations to Tom, here's to hoping he can be as successful at being nice as he is at comedy.

Reviews by Hamish Clayton

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The Blurb

This beguiling and hilarious posh Welsh stand-up returns to Edinburgh after his 2011 sell-out run. A lot's happened since then. Older, balder and louder than ever, he now has a beautiful and perfect son who even has the same huge head and big cuddly face. So how can Tom make sure his spawn doesn't become a bleak flinty git like him? Multiple award-winning Tom Price needs your help to stop being a spiteful cock, for the good of the human race. ‘A joy to behold’ **** (List). ‘Excellent’ **** (Scotsman).