Tom Lucy: Needs to Stop Showing Off in Front of His Friends

When you're genetically blessed with an unthreatening physique and the voice of Frank Spencer, comedy cannot go much more in your favour. Such is the case for Tom Lucy who, for a 21-year-old, has an excitable confidence, like a lion cub inheriting control of his pack. Lucy’s debut hour, Needs to Stop Showing Off in Front of His Friends, is filled with stories about school, his parents, acting camp and chatting up girls - topics we would naturally expect from a youngster. But with age, of course, comes experience, and although Lucy's crowd work is something to be admired, right now, his material needs to develop to match his talent.

Lucy has a long future in comedy

That's not to say it wasn’t entertaining. There were some great stories, particularly about his “subconsciously racist” mum who doesn’t seem to understand what ISIS stands for, and her uncontrollable love of dogs. There were also some great callbacks throughout the set, which require a skilled writer to see them through. Where I felt Lucy needed to improve was on crafting certain jokes to make them less foreseeable. His MILF routine started well as a concept and then failed to hit the mark because of the predictability of the punchline. Another example was his sensitive teeth bit, which needed a less conventional and more considered ending.

What became apparent remarkably quickly is how likeable Lucy is a stand-up and even though certain jokes didn’t pack quite the punch he was expecting, we all went along with him anyway. That takes a certain kind of character. He ended with what undoubtedly is his best piece of material, about chatting up a German girl in Amsterdam, with a brilliant closing line. More of this and he would be well on his way to achieving great success. Ultimately Lucy has all the markings of a memorable stand-up. His ease on stage worked in his favour and it is undeniable that Lucy has a long future in comedy...when he stops showing off.  

Reviews by Sophia Charalambous

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The Blurb

Fresh from supporting Jack Whitehall, Rob Beckett and Shappi Khorsandi on sold-out tours, Tom brings his hotly anticipated debut show to the fringe. Tom is one of the youngest professional comedians working in the UK and in 2016 became the youngest ever winner of the prestigious Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year award. Come and watch Tom show off for an hour in front of (hopefully) his friends. ‘Watch him live and you'll understand the excitement’ (Guardian). ‘Obvious star quality’ (