Tom Deacon: Get Your Deac-on!

Does anyone else remember Tom Deacon on BBC Switch’s daily online programme The 5:19 Show? Just me then. Five years on and Deacon is a well-established comedian and Get Your Deac-on is his fourth stand-up show. He’s made appearances on The Rob Brydon Show and Dave’s One Night Stand amongst others and has performed at three Edinburgh Festival Fringes. As well as this, Deacon comes across like a less irritating version of Russell Kane, which is nice.

Deacon is a bubbly comedian for those of you wanting some light relief from Edinburgh madness

The show is well structured; there is audience interaction, anecdotes about the time Deacon “almost died twice” with jokes and asides peppered in. Deacon has a wonderfully expressive face and a lot of the laughs are not from the jokes themselves, which are sometimes a little flat, but in response to a silly expression or a single serious look. The audience enjoy themselves, despite the fact that a lot of the humour is unoriginal in style. For what it’s worth, I never feel bored and chuckle along to the accessible jokes and stories next to an older lady and hench 20-something who are both cackling away.

Deacon stops the show 30 minutes in to scratch a scratchcard. We don’t win but it’s an interesting touch that prevents his routine from falling into a predictable pattern. His cheeky storyteller style and subjects for material- friendship, sex, life as a young adult etc- are nothing new but his energy and flair for the stage keep the show alive. As a stage personality, Deacon is a lot of fun to watch.

The show comes to a close when a man dressed as a fairy is called onstage to join Deacon in eating a symbolic banana. Deacon is a bubbly comedian for those of you wanting some light relief from Edinburgh madness and I’m certain that we’ll see him on our TV screens more often in the future. 

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The Blurb

Tom is one of the hottest young comedians and presenters on the circuit. He has been performing live stand-up for the last six years, with three Edinburgh solo shows under his belt, and has been the host of his own TV, radio and online shows on BBC2, BBC Radio 1 and YouTube football channel Copa90, where his Eurofan escapades have notched up over 1 million views. Last year he performed on the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow and performed to sold out theatres. Now, why don't you Get Your Deac-on at the Fringe this year!