Tom Binns Has Not Been Himself

We have all experienced at one point or another times where we have said something which we later regret. This happens regularly to Tom Binns except it is more comedian-specific: he finds himself compulsively blurting out inappropriate jokes at the wrong time.

Tom Binns Has Not Been Himself is incredibly enjoyable, exceedingly entertaining and packs a comedic punch.

Tom Binns Has Not Been Himself is about what Binns coins his “little devil”, the part of his brain which he cannot control and which speaks without a filter or care for the consequences. This, he surmises, is what has caused him to lose a multitude of jobs, detained numerous times and even arrested.

The show is made up predominantly of “wife material”. Thus we get to know his wife very well throughout the hour. He paints her as a bit of a space cadet and it is her comical and airheaded observations which inadvertently helped pen this show. Comedy must run in the family as he also makes regular mention of his “wind up merchant” Uncle Terry, who is a bit of a comedian in his own right.

He also has plenty of funny stories of his own to tell, like the awkward time he had to prove he wasn’t a terrorist at the airport - which I found particularly hilarious. Binns’ experience at his craft is clearly shown in his impressive ability to just hold the audience’s attention and consistently maintain the show’s comedic pulse.

Just before the show’s conclusion we are treated to an appearance from two of Binns’ alter egos: psychic medium Ian D Montfort and hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury. These two personalities are lapped up by the audience who seemed already well familiar with them. For those who aren’t though, it certainly provides a nice taster of his skills at character comedy.

Tom Binns Has Not Been Himself is incredibly enjoyable, exceedingly entertaining and packs a comedic punch. Binns is an adept storyteller; his stories are expertly written and paced perfectly to give the imminent punchline to each one the best impact.  

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

Tom’s debut solo stand-up show examines his compulsion to tell jokes, without any regard for the consequences. Tom's jokes have had him detained at airports, thrown out of surf school and got him fired from over 23 different radio and TV shows. On Christmas Day 2010 he was sacked for High Treason after taking the Queens Speech off air. Tom is joined by Fringe favourite and Comedy Award nominee, Hospital Radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury. ‘It’s a bit old-school stand-up, a bit outrageous but a lot clever...solid writing and sweet timing’ (Herald Sun).