Todd & God

Uplifting, fast-paced and heart-warming, Todd & God tells the tale of how God selected an atheist as her chosen one. Richard Marsh, writer of this piece of comic storytelling, also plays the role of Todd within the play. Marsh weaves a story about egotistical, foolish Todd, his wife Helen who is a paediatric surgeon, her father who is a Vicar, and how these characters relate to God.

Touching and witty, this is a quirky story which hasn’t been told before.

While this piece of work is comically engaging, it is also socially and politically relevant, with Todd posing a number of serious questions. He enquires about previous Messiahs, the role of women in religious history and the existence of heaven and hell. God is portrayed both as a creator and a destroyer; condemning organised religion and the mess it as caused in the past. Despite this, the play is predominantly light-hearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Todd & God, despite its serious themes, is mainly about love. In particular Marsh’s description of Todd’s relationship with his wife Helen is poignant and moving. It is also hilariously easy to relate to, as they fight over nothing and suffer through hangovers by each other’s sides. As Helen struggles to come to terms with her husband’s newfound religious fanaticism, the audience can feel her exasperation through Marsh’s words.

As a story, it is fast paced and charming. It reads like a poem for the most part, which at times could feel monotonous, and though Marsh handled the text well, a few stumbles over words at crucial points broke the building tension. His command over the story, however, was always regained when momentarily lost.

Though this is a play about religion, there are times when Todd’s preaching can be heavy handed, particularly towards the end. However, the strong point of this play is Marsh’s characterisation. His engaging, believable characters make the subject matter accessible to all. Touching and witty, this is a quirky story which hasn’t been told before.

Reviews by Angela O'Callaghan

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Fringe First-winner (Dirty Great Love Story) puts the mess into Messiah. Rebooting religion, God picks atheist Todd as her Chosen One. Now Todd’s doing good… badly. Comic drama about why we believe. How would you change the world? From writer of Skittles, Wingman, Cardboard Heart, Love & Sweets (BBC Audio Drama Award: Best Scripted Comedy). ‘Lovely, Witty, Delicious’ ***** (Independent). 'Effortless feats of wordplay’ **** (Scotsman). 'Restores your faith in human nature and the Fringe. Gag-filled, gutsy… Bliss’ **** (Telegraph). 'Comic precision, heart, unflagging pace’ **** (Times). 'Thoroughly likeable... dirty great delight' **** (Metro).