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The title of [Title of Show] tells you quite a lot about what you need to know! This musical, within a musical, within a musical writes itself as it plays out. With music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen this cleverly put together show bends the normal expectations of a musical theatre show whilst still maintaining an excellent score.

A load of young, fresh potential that lit up the stage with energy and had us all giggling - what's not to like?

The story follows two young guys whose aspirations are to write a hit Broadway musical; but are unsure of what to write it about. So they decide to write their musical about two guys trying to write a musical. You following? From here any script or songs performed are included not only in their own right but also in the script of their new show. As they acquire the help of two female friends, they scribble everything down and include it in their new script. The result is a hilarious and witty narrative that not only comments on itself but on the whole process of what goes into putting a show together.

This show was delightfully surprising. The cast have an understanding of the nuances of comedy acting that's far beyond their years, whilst also managing to sing tight harmonies and hit all the right notes. While it may not have been pitch perfect throughout, this is easily forgiven for how funny they are. Their onstage chemistry clearly reflects their offstage friendship and this was lovely to watch. 17 year old Molly Cutter playing Susanwas in particular a pleasure to watch, with a hilarious and developed understanding of her role.

A load of young, fresh potential that lit up the stage with energy and had us all giggling - what's not to like? 

Reviews by Hannah Lucy Baker

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The Blurb

A one-act musical comedy about two ambitious young gay men with bad taste in television and brains full of Broadway trivia, who decide to write a musical. With the help of two talented lady-friends, Heidi and Susan, Hunter and Jeff set out to write a show to enter into a festival in just three weeks and… the show ends up on Broadway. A hilariously obsessive and acutely self-aware 'putting on a show' show brought to the Fringe by an ambitious new theatre group from Norfolk. Talented vocalists with a perfect comedy score – not to be missed.