Tina C's 20:20 Vision

Tina C is the American multi-award winning country music singer and comedy alter ego of the English comedy writer Christopher Green. Brighton Spiegeltent was packed full with followers of Tina C as this character has built up a cult following in the comedy world over the years and the busy audience showed she has plenty of pulling power.

Dressed in sequins, the highest heels and cowboy hat, Tina C takes to stage

In Tina C's 20:20 Vision, it’s her ambition to run for President in the next American elections and 'make America great again'. The show starts when Tina enters the room through the audience, singing and creating a high energy presence, making the audience laugh from the very offset. Dressed in sequins, the highest heels and cowboy hat, Tina C takes to stage and we hear her plans to become the next President in the White House. The show is peppered with well-written satirical songs sung in true country style, including Am I Spending, Am I Breathing? The multi-talented Tina doesn't only sing her songs, she also plays the guitar and piano.

In this politically themed show, Tina sends up Brexit, religion and politics in a way that only a character like this can. Some of her throw away lines are absolutely first class. There were also extremely funny observations about Brighton, which the Brighton Fringe audience completely related to.

Tina C is a captivating, glamorous character whose cheeky non-PC views and capitalist thoughts kept us fully entertained and laughing throughout. The hour show goes by very quickly and the big number for the finale got everyone singing along. As Tina C left the stage the way she came, through her adoring audience, I think we were left wishing Tina C actually could run in the next American election. We currently have a reality TV star as American President, so why not sequin wearing, country singing, all-American gal Tina C? If you get the chance to see Tina C's 20:20 Vision then don't miss it.

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The Blurb

Tina C is the multi-award-winning country music singer who went from white trash almost to the White House. In her sensational autobiography 'Complete and Utter Country' she outlined her two failed bids for the presidency. In this new show she reflects on being John the Baptist to Trump’s Jesus Christ, which is something she is not pleased about. How much does Donald J. owe to Tina C? She gave the world the idea that deluded self-made billionaires should rule instead of politicians, and she's not missing out next time. Come and witness a woman whose time has come!