Tim Key - The Slutcracker
  • By Ed Cripps
  • |
  • 19th Aug 2010
  • |
  • ★★★★★

Tim Key, arguably the most original comedian in the country right now, returns to the Fringe with the show that won him last year's Perrier Award - 'The Slutcracker', a tapestry of poems, lists, short films, magic, physical feats and philosophical musings soaked in Key's exquisite sense of irony and the absurd. The show has a strange musical backcloth that includes Polish and German folk, Herb Alpert and a song from the 'Toy Story 3' soundtrack, but the funniest and most endearing background ingredient is Fletch, Key's technician. The interplay between the two is wonderful, warm and fluent and understated, the highlight of which is Fletch's rendition on the trumpet.The only slight shame is that, as Key readily admits on his poster, this is the same show as last year (though there is 'no director this time'). This was my second viewing of it and, while I laughed more loudly than I have at any other show so far, it would have been lovely to see some new material. Key's faux-earnest feel for poetry is so relentlessly inventive and note-perfect I'm sure he could have harvested a few others from the repertoire. But no matter: it is a joy to have him in Edinburgh at all and, if you missed 'The Slutcracker' last year, I urge you to see it this week.

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The Blurb

Key (lazy) is just doing six nights this year (lazy) with the same show as last year (go with what you know; creature of habit). Key (repugnant, studious, thirties) is the scaven poet-figure from 'Newswipe'.