Thrones! The Musical Parody

‘Musical’? Check. ‘Parody’? Check. Pop culture buzzword plus whimsical piece of punctuation? Check. The title of Thrones! The Musical Parody has all the components of your typical audience-baiting, sell-out show. And, without a doubt, Thrones! is funny. In fact, it would be hard not to make a musical about Game of Thrones, the most ridiculous show on television, funny, and the essential premise of this show is that the audience can predict the punchlines with splutters of laughter before they’ve been said. We see every murder, marriage and incest gag coming — but we fall about giggling at every one.

Thrones! is one of the slickest shows at the Fringe this year

Yes, a lot of the jokes are fairly obvious, and the writers clearly have no qualms about seizing the lowest common denominator by the crotch at every other moment. Calling Geoffrey a knob is hardly groundbreaking stuff. But to take serious issue with this would make me… well, a bit of a Geoffrey really, since the extent to which the audience shrieked, sniggered and belly-laughed their way through the hour-long performance can not be overstated. Besides, if George RR Martin will insist on fleshing out his plot with a plethora of boobs and willies, then it is a foolish spoof that does not milk the double entendres for all they are worth.

It is the not-on-TV twists which really make the show, though. The mysterious, braces-wearing ‘stranger’, George, is wonderful, and the gag only gets better with every return. Keep an eye out for ‘Brother Trump’ of the Wall - his desire to “make Westeros great again” went down uproariously.. The silliness was even put on hold for a genuinely beautiful tribute to Hodor, reminding us that the cast is not only made up of very capable comedians, but superb vocalists too. The composers should also be congratulated for delighting any musical theatre fans in attendance with several clever send-ups of the showtune format.

Thrones! is one of the slickest shows at the Fringe this year; set changes are tight, harmonies are polished and the gags come thick and fast — even the usher is in on the act. Whilst the jokes are, by and large, no more complex that you would expect from a Game of Thrones spoof, they are certainly very funny, and the fan-fiction ending grants the show a final, meta-theatrical nod of self-satisfaction. Thrones! The Musical Parody will have you coming back for more. 

Reviews by Molly Stacey

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The Blurb

Total sell-out in 2015! A hilarious parody of HBO's Game of Thrones, updated with all new deaths and sexcapades from the sixth series. From the twisted minds of Baby Wants Candy. ***** (Scotsman). ***** ( ***** (Time Out). ***** (ThreeWeeks). Dashing men battling White Walkers, ravishing women riding fire-breathing dragons, everyone trying to either kill or shag each other. Whip-smart writing, catchy original score, super-special special effects. Nudity? Maybe. Laughs? For sure. Brothers and sisters sleeping together? No comment. Appropriate for 14+, if you don't mind explaining a few things to your 14-year-old afterwards.