Thor and Loki

Thor and Loki is a wildly silly parody adaptation of the Ragnarok myth that is heaps of fun – even if it does go on a bit. If you came here for Marvel-style men with rippling muscles and male power fantasies you will be disappointed – unless you are into older gentleman then you have Odin, dressed in boxing gear. If you came more for myths like the Þrymskviða, involving Thor in a dress, you will be thrilled.

Working against the violent hero trope in an irreverent and tongue-in-cheek fashion

On Asgard, Thor has been reinvented as a gloriously underwhelming vegan and bad poet. The epitome of a lover not a fighter. Whilst he tries to be the warrior his American-football armour wearing brothers, and father want him to be, his heart is not in it. Meanwhile on Jotunheim, the scaly and horned giantess Loki has a bark that is much worse than her bite, or should I say roar. All she wants to do is picnic in the park and make dreamcatchers. When this makes her a laughing stock among the other giants she decides to try to join the army. With the popularisation of these myths by Marvel the plot of the war between Asgard and Jotunheim is a very accessible plotline.

The cast are performing their hearts out, and having a great time doing it. The ensemble is watertight, as they play multiple characters, play in the band, and bring out a tap dance break at points. The writing has produced a strong set of characters, great songs – I particularly enjoyed the gleeful song about building a wall, and good gags and one liners. Sadly the plotline itself needed a cut and tidy. The references to America in the costumes and songs worked well with the general neon design aesthetic of Asgard at a music festival – including lots of glitter.

The show is a really refreshing look at the Ragnarok, that is working against the violent hero trope in an irreverent and tongue-in-cheek fashion. If you are a fan of witty adaptations, it is worth making the time for.

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The Blurb

A new comedy musical by Harry Blake created with House of Blakewell. War rages; the end of the world approaches. The fate of the gods rests on Thor's mighty shoulders, but he hates violence and prefers writing poetry. Half-giant Loki is out for revenge, but beneath her monstrous form lies a heart of gold. Can two misfits find the strength to be themselves? Expect epic battles, fierce ballads and a chorus of tap-dancing trolls in this big-hearted comedy about friends, heroes and changing the world. 'Clever, funny, ultimately touching' **** (Scotsman on We Can Make You Happy)