Thünderbards present a two man sketch show that leaves the audience in stitches. Glenn Moore and Matt Stevens take the audience through a book of ‘short stories’ making for a fast paced and well constructed show. The two work incredibly well together on stage, Steven’s quiet and understated charm complementing Moore’s bold, articulate delivery. It’s unsurprising that Moore was a finalist in both the So You Think You’re Funny? and Chortle Student awards, such is his swift delivery and comfort on-stage.

Much of the humour relies on word play, which is very well written, but this means that as an audience member, paying complete attention to what this duo is saying is absolutely key to the enjoyment of the show. I would not say that either are necessarily the most outstanding visual performers I have had the pleasure of watching, but this is made up for with oodles of wit and intelligent writing.

My favourite sketch was Moore’s advert for ‘Beth Lehem’s Biblical Barn’ - a Jesus Christ Superstore. Here was a perfect example of Thünderbards playing to their strengths. Moore lead the audience through an onslaught of crass yet undeniably clever biblical puns in which punchline after punchline hit the mark.

For fans of word play, sketch comedy, or anyone in search of an hour of guaranteed laughter this show is one to watch. I greatly look forward to seeing the work this comedy duo produce over the coming years.

Reviews by Joe Talbot


The Blurb

Strapping sketch comedians Matt Stevens and So You Think You're Funny? 2012 finalist Glenn Moore emerge, blinking into the Edinburgh sunlight with their hotly-tipped Fringe debut. Praise for writers: ‘Hilarious’ (ThreeWeeks). ‘Brilliant’ (Josie Long).