This Show Has Nothing To Do With Penguins

It really hasn’t.

By and large, this is not for a connoisseur of comedy

The title does its job, giving the viewer an instant impression of the kind of show it is going to be; surreal, energetic and maybe just a little naïve.“Vick and Rick’s” (comedian Rick Wood and actress Victoria Cansfield) sketch comedy grabs the audience’s attention right from the beginning with truckloads of energy, launching headlong into as many sketches as can be crammed into the allotted fifty minutes. Some sketches are long, some only two lines, reminiscent of a very naïve version of Robot Chicken. Rather than flowing from one bit to the next, the cast say “end of sketch” at the end of each section. It may only be a preference, but after a while it did grate a tiny bit.

At times, this nervous excitement gets in the way. Often jokes are lost within the sketches as they are not allowed time to ferment. This is a real pity because there were points where the audience was in stitches. I have to say I really enjoyed a brilliant Harry Potter parody of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and despite playing upon worn characters and scenarios much of the time, a few of the jokes were rather good.

By and large, this is not for a connoisseur of comedy; the jokes are not the most advanced and are often only a string of silly puns - something more of a scrawl than anything that could be considered a fully-developed sketch. All in all, this show seems very raw and not the most considered. But if you are in the area and just want a bit of guilt-free entertainment then I would say that you could do worse.

Reviews by Christopher Spring

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The Blurb

Comedian Rick Wood returns to the Fringe with actress Victoria Cansfield for a hilarious sketch show! Rick, described as ‘a gigantic ball of energy hilarious jokes’ (Club 57), ‘loveable and relatable’ (, joins up with Vicky to bring you a sketch show full of puns, twists and characters! Including the clueless couple, the eloquent builder and an issue with flatulence ... and you can be assured, it has absolutely nothing to do with penguins!