This Glorious Monster: Wrong 'Uns

Wrong ‘Uns is aptly titled because there is plenty of them packed into this hour of sketch comedy. The easily offended beware, this probably isn’t for you.

Many dark ideas are covered but there is nothing truly shocking to be found and it’s all treated lightheartedly

This show is a mixed bag and fails to rise above the average level set for sketch comedy, but it's certainly entertaining viewing. Many dark ideas are covered but there is nothing truly shocking to be found and it’s all treated lightheartedly. This leaves them in a middle ground, too dark for some, not dark enough for others. Perhaps it’s a good compromise, leaving them more appealing to a large audience.

There is big streak of crude running throughout the sketches, often as throw away jokes with some pivot on it. One sketch about a father and son is particularly puerile and how it builds is perversely genius; unfortunately it’s punchline is week, souring a pretty good skit.

Building on ideas is what they do best and there are a few sketches that initially don’t seem to deserve their running time. But as they come back, more is revealed and they hold together as a cohesive piece. On the other hand, moments like the returning psychic simply don’t work and slow down the section they’re in.

The acting isn't anything to write home about, but they stick to what works and there's plenty of hilarious flourishes to the characters. There are glimmers of great observations and it feels they really shine when they base the characters on people they know. It’s so important for sketch comedians to seem like they are having fun, and these guys certainly are.

This Glorious Monster shows lots of promise, but is a few steps away from taking Gein’s Family Giftshop’s crown of Fringe dark comedy. Sketch nerds won’t be blown away by the trio but for most there is plenty to enjoy. 

Reviews by James W. Woe

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The Blurb

Deliciously twisted, award-winning sketch troupe This Glorious Monster make their highly anticipated Edinburgh debut with their new show: Wrong ‘Uns. From a depraved driving instructor to the world’s most sadistic HR ladies, Wrong ‘Uns is a universe inhabited by the gloriously monstrous characters that surround us every day. Stars of Doctor Who, Galavant and David Brent: Life on the Road. As seen on BBC One, BBC Three, Channel 4 and ABC. ‘The next League of Gentlemen’ (Jimmy Mulville). ‘Excellent’ (Independent). ‘This Glorious Monster, one of the funniest comedy groups on YouTube’ (