Think Outside The Box

A light-hearted, inventive way of exploring the distinctions and limitations of thinking inside the box and thinking outside the box. This show captures the importance of escaping the safety of the rational and the logical, encouraging the creativity and originality that comes with thinking from a new perspective. Throughout the performance, we are exposed to the sad consequences of thinking inside the box continuously and the entrapment and isolation that comes with the safety of being (literally) inside your box. You can be sure to leave having had your previous conceptions of staying inside your comfort zone thoroughly questioned. Thinking Outside the Box incorporates elements of comedy, song and physical theatre to tackle this philosophical problem in a light-hearted, child-friendly way.

A light-hearted, inventive way of exploring the distinctions and limitations of thinking inside the box and thinking outside the box.

The set consists of three large boxes, individually decorated on the inside walls, highlighting the differences between the people inside these boxes. Using these boxes as the physical representation of the boxes, we think inside and outside of, meant the distinctions between the two levels of thought could be shown clearly and concisely. However, this distinction was blurred a little by the physical theatre which seemed to resemble the mundaneness of thinking inside the box - yet this was performed outside of the box! I felt this detracted from the distinctions made clear at the beginning of the performance. Furthermore, the physical theatre section was a little out of time and lengthy, repeated at several points consecutively. Although I appreciate this demonstrates the tedious, dull life of living 'inside the box', the message was portrayed after only three of four repetitions of the sequence. Ultimately, this lead to the performance having elements of tedium, an issue not resulting from the acting of the actors who all performed brilliantly. All three actors were bold, bright, clear and energetic, particularly Megan Vickers who carried her energy throughout every word, movement and facial expression.

Overall, Thinking Outside The Box explores a hugely interesting topic creatively. Although there were some elements which hindered the impact of the performance, the delivery on the whole was energetic and fun. Although the age recommendation for this performance is 12+, I think it would be enjoyed by a younger audience.

Reviews by Ellie Thompson

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The Blurb

How many times has someone told you to ‘think outside the box’? Too many times to count I presume. However, has anyone asked you to think ‘inside the box’? To think logically rather than creatively? Inside the box holds our knowledge, our experiences, our wisdom. We can't ignore the inside just as we can't ignore the outside. Equally, if we didn't think beyond the box we would struggle to discover new ideas or fresh thoughts. We need both to create an equilibrium. 'Think Outside The Box' explores the limits to each end of the spectrum, from the mundane to the absurd.