Thespianage: Improv Comedy Showcase
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

Fresh from their regular performances in the drizzly urban wilderness of central Manchester, the "talented performers with an eye for the absurd" (RemoteGoat) of Thespianage Productions present their first ever performance as part of 'The Great Yorkshire Fringe'.

"Masters of every style" (Edfringereview), Thespianage Productions, create scintillating scenes, silly sketches and crazy characters based on your suggestions! So if you want to see a Sat Nav voiceover artist on a blind date, why sex with one performer is like Jeremy Corbyn (it's for the many, not the few!), a romantic tale between different recycling bins or even the world's worst retelling of Beauty and the Beast ever - this is the show for you!

Thespianage Productions perform improvised comedy games similar to those seen on 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'. Everything that you see is a one-off and has never been seen before and will never be seen again! If you love improv comedy, or if you fancy giving something new a try, Thespianage Productions are a safe bet for a show full of big belly laughs.