The Worst of Scottee

There are some productions where the title of the show gives nothing away, however in terms of the Worst of Scottee, it is pretty much self explanatory. The Worst of Scottee is a collection of real-life stories from the protagonist, Scottee and deals with issues such as sexuality, relationships and eating disorders from Scottee's teenage years of living on a North London council estate, showing the worst sides to his character and how he affected the people around him.

The set of the show is very creative and unusual, taking place inside a photo booth placed in the middle of the stage with Scottee sat sideways to the audience and his face on a screen on the front of the booth. The production also features on-screen interviews of various people that were acquainted with Scottee in his youth. These are not merely actors but real people from his past, some of whom he talks about, giving a different perspective on the events occurring within Scottee's stories.

Throughout the piece, Scottee is very charismatic and oozing with energy. He does an extremely good job of keeping the audience engaged with the performance and it is clear that he is an excellent storyteller. His stories take the audience on a journey through his teenage years and range from light hearted humorous anecdotes to darker tales full of emotion but they all have one thing in common: they are overflowing with honesty and Scottee manages to make them completely captivating whilst extracting empathy from those listening. As the stories progress, Scottee is portrayed as mentally unravelling by removing pieces of his costume before moving onto a new, darker tale, showing how emotionally affected he is. This show is an intriguing and unusual piece of theatre that I highly recommend.

Reviews by Amanda Fleet

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The Blurb

Scottee encounters past flames, ex-friends and people who no longer like this ‘edgy innovator’ (Independent) in his debut solo show. This show will give you reasons not to like him. Directed by Chris Goode.