The Worm - An Underground Adventure
  • By Tom King
  • |
  • 13th Aug 2014
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  • ★★★★★

As anyone who’s ever dealt with a three-year-old can tell you, keeping their attention can be a Herculean task. It’s therefore a pleasure to see a piece like The Worm: An Underground Adventure which manages to keep its audience of tinies enthralled simply through some excellent storytelling.

Moments of spontaneous participation are made possible by the audience being seated on-stage amongst the grassy fringes of the set – a lovely touch which makes the show feel far more inclusive.

As the name suggests, the theme of this play is the humble earthworm; how they look, where they live and what they like to do with their time. Our hosts William and Wilma, a couple of keen naturalists, are in search of such a worm to complete their creepy-crawly scrapbook and to find one they’re going to have to go deep, deep underground.

There they meet with not one but a whole family of squirmy new friends; Dad, Mum, Uncle Eric, Grandad and the musical twins Johan and Ludwig. And not to forget the littlest but bravest, Wee Wilma. These seven, cleverly created with just a felt-tip pen and some little knitted bobblehats, show our explorers around their subterranean home and tell them a little more about what it’s like to be a worm.

They do this through a number of lovely little songs, accompanied very skillfully by William on a variety of musical instruments, which had the kids in the audience laughing and singing along. A particular favourite was Plants Can’t Take Root Wi’oot Worm Poop, a number which predictably drew howls of laughter from the kids – as well as a particularly embarrassing revelation from one tot about her mum’s bathroom habits. Moments of spontaneous participation like this are made possible by the audience being seated on-stage amongst the grassy fringes of the set – a lovely touch which makes the show feel far more inclusive.

To round off the hour, William and Wilma finally unveiled the mysterious box in the corner of the stage – a real-life wormery which the kids could crowd around and ask questions about – a lovely way to link the principles of the story to the real world.

The Worm: An Underground Adventure is a sweet little piece which will give younger children a gentle introduction to ecology but, more importantly, keep them engaged and amused for the whole 60 minutes.

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The Blurb

Underneath your feet in the muddy brown soil squirms the world’s best kept secret...a wonderful, magical creature called the Worm. Join Wilma and William, two nature lovers, on a journey underground as they discover a family of friendly, musical worms and their colourful miniature world. With laugh out loud songs, including one about worm poo, The Worm is a fun filled musical tale guaranteed to make everyone giggle, wiggle and love the squirmy wonders beneath our feet. After the performance, the audience are invited to see some real worms in a specially designed wormery.