The World's Worst Birthday Party

Maddy Carrick’s first solo comedy children’s show, The World’s Worst Birthday Party, teaches children the value of friendship and to appreciate what they have, in a way that children will find fun and accessible. Carrick, or Marvellous Maddy as she is known during the show, is in tune with the youngsters and their interests, allowing every child to take an individual place at her “birthday party”.

Marvellous Maddy has a knack for making each child feel special.

Marvellous Maddy’s birthday party looks set to be a total disaster. There’s the Fresh Fruit ‘n’ Veg DJ, the big brother with his heart set on leaving dog poo in the party bags and Regina George-alike Polly Poppins, the meanest girl in school telling lies to sabotage the big day. Each character is played by Carrick, who puts on an item of clothing and different backing music to suggest the characters’ personalities. This theatrical device of multi-roling is explained to the children as the show begins, so there is never a chance of a child falling behind in the narrative. Although there are some wandering accents amongst these characters (there’s a Mystic Meg style Auntie who may well be Welsh, Northern English or Irish) the young audience doesn’t mind and enjoy playing the various games that Carrick employs to keep their attention.

In terms of plot, it’s very basic; perhaps a little too basic. It doesn’t seem to move anywhere beyond introducing the various characters, but it does send a positive message. The story is secondary to the fun that the children have making sticky sandwiches, throwing balls at “Harry Styles” (a dad in a mask) and dancing.

This isn’t a show that parents will be enthralled by but children will enjoy playing along as the story progresses. Marvellous Maddy has a knack for making each child feel special, including them all and encouraging them to speak out in this fun-filled show. 

Reviews by Emily Dunford

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The Blurb

Hapless marvellous Maddy is having the worst birthday party ever. It's all going horribly wrong and no one wants to help. Please accept your invite and meet snotty Polly Poppins, dastardly Dangerous Dom, cringe DJ Fresh Fruit and Veg who puts the play in your five a day. Help her save her birthday party! Warning: parents, this show features lots of giggles, crazy dancing and amazing pranks! A children's show from comedian and children’s entertainer Maddy Carrick. ‘A life-affirming and buoyant experience’ (ThreeWeeks).