The Wikimen
  • Adelaide Fringe

The Wikimen have played forever and a day since 1908. Throughout their daily toils and tribulations they always find a time to string up the double bass, pat the drum set, tickle the ukulele and clear the vocal chords for a sonic adventures in the realms of marvellous swing jazz hawaiian blues pop and exotic music for your listening and dancing pleasure. The Wikimen have had the pleasure of Nara Demasson, Renato Vacirca and Daniel Witton delivering popular music from 10's 20's 30's and the era prior to sanitary dentistry contribute to a feeling best described as "a chocolate gelati which has been slow cooked for 72 years, left 'pon the window sill then eaten by a toucan who then proceeds to dance around and sing in the most lovable and questionable manner."