The Wendy House Trilogy: Peter

Peter is the first show in The Wendy House Trilogy produced by Jealous Whale Theatre. This young person’s theatre company, led by Joe Allen and Rory Dadsell, have taken inspiration from timeless classics like JM Barrie’s Peter Pan and invited their audience to come inside Wendy’s house to witness the different stages of her life. Here in the first show of the trilogy, we witness Wendy as a young girl who has fallen in love with Peter the baker’s boy. We meet them on the night that they plan to run away and elope together but we soon discover things may not work out as planned.

It is a delight to see how they weave moments from the original Peter Pan into the story

What lifts this show is the immersive experience as we are invited to sit in Wendy’s room. The set is a personal and intimate space with the audience sat in the round on sofas whilst the action plays in the centre. One of my favourite parts of the set is how the door the audience use to enter the space turns into the wardrobe. This is clever as it makes us feel removed from the outside world, making us feel like we have been transported to a different time and place. With no door to acknowledge an outside, we feel while sitting in Wendy’s room that we have intruded on a private moment, which heightens the tension and atmosphere in the room as we watch the action unfold.

It is a delight to see how they weave moments from the original Peter Pan into the story, especially surrounding the idea of the window. However, the story overall loses momentum as it begins to become not only predictable but a bit ludicrous. The dialogue and acting don’t help with this as it is all a bit shaky and become at times melodramatic which don’t suit the space. But despite this, it is easy to see that there is a lot of potential for the future of this young theatre company.  

Reviews by Emily Blackwell

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The Blurb

Jealous Whale Theatre invite you into their Wendy House to enjoy this immersive piece which is part of The Wendy House Trilogy. Peter and Wendy are star-crossed lovers desperate to escape the wrath of Wendy’s disapproving father. Inspired by Barrie’s classic, will young love triumph over Peter’s destiny to be the boy who never grew up?