The Two Most Perfect Things

Ivor Novello and Noel Coward have both been celebrated countless times in musical biopics, but this could be the first time that their respective careers and lives have been combined. It has be said that the die hard fan won’t learn anything new from The Two Most Perfect Things (a Coward quote), but the result is an utter delight in every respect.

The five entertainers give clean and clear performances with well-paced delivery and effortless singing. All of them have managed to find the style that perfectly suits the material, as we are treated to all the song hits from Novello and Coward’s extensive catalogue: Mrs Worthington, Keep The Home Fires Burning, Mad About The Boy, and many more - this is a very well-researched production.

The set and costumes are period, uncluttered, and stylish. The musical staging is neat and precise – and not over choreographed – letting the musical and lyrical material speak for itself; the piano accompaniment, in particular, is dexterous as the pianist’s fingers flit across the keys with delicate ease. There are some intricate vocal harmonies that, at times, lose the melody of the songs. Some harmonic simplification and re-balancing of the voices would address this and strengthen the show all the more.

This is an easygoing, entertaining, and classy morning in the theatre. Hats off to the singers for hitting all the high notes so early in the day. Anyone who loves this type of music will do himself a disservice by not buying a ticket straight away. It’s worth every penny.

Reviews by Gordon Noele

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The Blurb

Five performers present a new show celebrating the lives and careers of Noel Coward and Ivor Novello, the biggest stars of the interwar years, through their unforgettable words and music.