The Treason Show

Composed of a succession of satirical sketches, this festival special of The Treason Show ridicules all the supposedly powerful members of this planet. In so doing, it also highlights the ridiculousness of the many institutions we humans have worldwide.

nobody was safe in this relentless comedic arena

From political powerhouses such as Donald Trump and David Cameron to reality stars like the Kardashians, nobody was safe in this relentless comedic arena. There were even instances where the dead were ridiculed. However, dark humour was only one of many forms of comedy deployed within this production that made it accessible to everyone.

The opening song in which the issue of the EU referendum was raised, was one example of the many occasions in which cultural stereotypes were pushed to the limit, and sometimes, humorously far beyond. From the extreme meticulousness of the Germans to the great individualism of the Scots, the hilariousness of such usually divisive, nationality-based character traits actually united the audience through uproarious laughter.

The enjoyment that came with this performance was seen most clearly in the audience’s roar for an encore and is testament to the unfaltering comedic talent contained within every sketch.

Reviews by Oliver Lugg

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Brighton’s much loved resident satirical sketch show, now in it’s record-breaking 14th year. The one festival show you can’t afford to miss. "Brighton is rightly very proud of this company" (The Argus)