The Tour

This play within a musical aims to show us what life as part of a touring company is really like. From nerves to affairs to missing home, each character faces the realities of living out of a tour bus. This is a new piece of writing from Jennifer Harding Ricky Johnston and John Kristian and performed by Spangle Entertainment.

All in all a really enjoyable and captivating show that was a pleasant surprise.

The story begins for us with the group in a delighted state, having found out they have been chosen to be part of the cast of A Sisters Love and all hoping that this will be their big break. From there everything gets a lot more interesting and as the rumour mill works in overload, romances are rekindled it starts to become very clear that the group aren't quite as close as they think they are. When word comes their way that perhaps their tour is at risk of being cut they need to band together to decide the best way forward.

This show has a lot of pleasing aspects. It's perfectly cast as you become totally immersed in what is a very believable and genuine performance. The chemistry onstage is very authentic and the actors play their parts with ease. The music for the most part is good, however there's a few clunky moments where the writers play around with the time signature in a way that I'm not even sure the cast understood. Some fantastic vocal performances from Jill Rensing and Matt Bond - though perhaps it would be an idea to tone down the stronger singers on the ensemble numbers.

All in all a really enjoyable and captivating show that was a pleasant surprise. 

Reviews by Hannah Lucy Baker

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The Blurb

The story of life on the road with a musical, The Tour follows a brand new show headed for greatness – or is it? When you work your whole life to make it, what happens when you do? A look behind the curtains and onto the tour bus of the little show that could.