The Swallow
  • London Fringe

Wanting to work on his vocal technique before singing at the memorial service of his beloved mother, Ray (Ramn) enlists the help of strict singing teacher Emily (Amelia). During an explosive evening of confessions it becomes clear that they are united by more than just music, as both struggle to deal with the aftermath of a terrorist attack in their own ways. Inspired by the attack in a gay nightclub in Orlando that saw the deaths of 50 people, The Swallow is a highly emotional work exploring how loss can simultaneously separate and unite people. Directed by Paula Paz, Associate Director of The Cervantes Theatre, and starring David Luque and Jeryl Burgess in the English version and David Luque and Amparo Climent in the original Spanish version. The play also features music by Nico Casal, composer of the music for 2016 Oscar winner Stutterer and set design by the talented and multi-garlanded Alejandro Andjar.

The play is translated by Tim Gutteridge. The Swallow will run from 30 April to 5 May in Spanish and from 7 to 26 May in English.