The Sunset Five

Sunset Five puts a quirky British twist on a thrilling heist drama. Set in Chipworth, East Anglia, the champion team of the local pub quiz must band together to raise £80,000 in order to save their pub from redevelopment by a large commercial chain. In order to do this they're going to need a very specific range of skills, a healthy measure of British pluck, and a bucket load of puns. It's fun, fast and very silly.

a fantastic show, which roots for the underdog with loveable British spirit and a cast of endearing characters.

Charley is the owner of the local watering hole: hardworking, cheery and the leader of the quiz team. The other quizzers are recognisable British characters, such as the sporty but dim Neil, who wears neon shorts and practises Tai Chi, or the red trousers-wearing Hugh, who left the City to write for the local paper, all lovingly caricatured and endearingly presented. Obviously, the means to overcome this is to plan a Hollywood-style heist of the casino. Nothing could go wrong.

To add another dimension to this already endearing play, the quizmaster and mysterious guru of the group is Fred, a wise cowboy who 'goes where the quiz goes'. Bluegrass and country covers welcome us into the space and very kooky, clever looped soundscapes annotate scene changes. This Western twist on middle-class Britain is unnecessary and brilliant – purely there to entertain, which it successfully does.

The constantly entertaining plot twists and turns, keeping us on our toes. Loveable British emblems such as Barbour jackets and Julie Andrews litter the script, counterpointing the very American format. As silly as the story is, it is also very clever and excellently executed. The music and sound effects are not only clever and detailed, but flawlessly performed on multiple instruments. There isn't a weak member of the cast and each brings enthusiasm, pinpoint characterisation and great comic timing.

Sunset Five is a fantastic show, which roots for the underdog with loveable British spirit and a cast of endearing characters. This is a perfectly formed and very entertaining show. 

Reviews by Cara Ballingall

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The Blurb

Faced with losing their beloved watering hole, a pub quiz team stage a casino heist. Hailing from the rundown seaside town of Chipworth, this band of very ordinary misfits come together in an attempt to pull off something truly extraordinary. Think Hot Fuzz meets Ocean's Eleven. After the success of Inheritance Blues, DugOut Theatre return to delight audiences with this hilarious comedy. 'An exciting and creative company. Ought to be on everyone's Fringe radar' ***** ( 'A lot of fun' **** (Scotsman). 'Brilliant acting' ***** (ThreeWeeks). 'Full of vim and great music' (Lyn Gardner, Guardian).